The people changing everything.

Activist Ambassadors

James Aspey

Activist, Vegan

Took 1yr vow of silence for animals
Speeches @ 20m+ views
Surfer•Meditator•Life lover•Vegan

Paul Hilton

Photographer / Conservationist

Conservation photojournalist with a focus on the manta and shark fin trade, palm oil & wildlife crimes. 


Social Influencer

I share what I read. A headline can be triggering. I don’t hide headlines. Stop telling me everything needs a trigger warning.

Jojo Clark

Model, Ambassador ambassador. Loving life and all animals


Social Influencer

Dedicated to raising awareness for the various species of big cats and occasionally other animals

Liz Jones

Activist, educator, biologist, rescuer

Vegan for everything. Help me change the world.

Ryuji Chua

Vegan for the Animals

Peace and love for all, always, forever

Alison Brettschneider

Social Influencer

ANTI BULLY; LE FUCKIN DUH! Do no harm; take no shit~ social justice warrior, wife, mom, philanthropist, activist.

Julian Clark


Freelance director / editor / visual effect & motion graphic artist.

Erkan Şahin

Dog rescuer

Rescuing dogs and giving them a new change at life.