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This cyberpunk helped create social media. Now, Jaron Lanier says it ruins your life.

Social networks were supposed to be the ultimate tool of democratization. In the earliest days of the internet, many in the tech world congratulated themselves for ushering in a new era of dialogue in which

After Pittsburgh, Thousand Oaks, Will New Congress Push for Gun Safety Research?

CHARISE JOHNSON, RESEARCHER, CENTER FOR SCIENCE & DEMOCRACY The night after mid-term elections, our nation suffered another gruesome tragedy at the hands of an armed gunman, and I’m still ready for Congress to demand a science-based conversation on

Rigging the system – How Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes With a Philanthropic Loophole

Late in 2014, Nicholas Woodman, the founder and chief executive of GoPro, announced what appeared to be an extraordinary act of generosity. Mr. Woodman, then 39, had just taken his camera company public, and was

This Is Water

If you have 20 min to spare .. this might be the most important thing you do today. Watch this video.